I go many days turning to the idea of relaxing with the keys, it has found it hard to me to give the step, though I am of that he thinks that it is never late.

I am called Estefanía, have 40 years, two daughters of two parents, and a medical record on the verge of turning into bookshop. I was born in Talavera de la Reina, and with 20 years I fell in the south of Madrid. With 24 I moved cabin towards the southwest and here I have remained (for the present). Last 8 years of my life have been trepidant, for becoming poetical, and, for my taste, a bit sons of a bitch … to do a rapid summary: I separated, smashed with the car, had an operation on a cancer of bilateral breast, pricked myself the quimio, removed myself, reconstructed myself, embarrassed myself, gave birth, me biopsié again the chest, took the ovaries from myself, and took one of the hardest decisions: to take the «lolas» from me.

The one who says lolas says tetas, chests, melons, balls, domingas… That for that? So for own decision, because in this case the doctors only » recommend it to you «. I am a carrier of a gene, the BRCA1, which does to me mas inclined that the average to suffering cancer of breast and ovary. And after my familiar record, since we are going to avoid risks.

From here, I would like to share how it has been the process of accepting it and to decide it, and, from August 23, 2011, how it is, that feels … do you want to live through it with me?



I sit if the translation is not very faithful. I depend on a translator online. I will be grateful for any help, correction and comment. Thank you!


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