De paseo por la Trinidad



Os leo!


Since always, with your arm on my shoulders, we are walking along the Trinidad, way of the street San Francisco, seeing shop windows. We comment on the last information of the surveys, giving the reason to the disappointment that we feel before this short-cut of sausages. Of step, you tell me that so-and-so, some post of the Meeting community, has tied someone, and seat, I listen to you, we think, I tell you some case of Madrid, coming to the same conclusion the two, since always.

We speak about the injustices in the work, about the vagabonds who suck of the flask, of you them pay that they steal us and the schedules that extend us for nothing, justifying, or not, raising the voice for the fever of the moment, I listen, again, to all that you know, how many reason.

We comment on something on the Atleti, YOUR Atleti, good if they are OK, and well if they are defending badly, always «the rojiblanco». Sigh dad, if you saw what is doing Simeone, which you gain of hearing your opinion.

We come to the Montearagueña, to a cañita taking, with appetizer, if it needs we stick in order that ultimately always you pay your… It walks, silly, throws….

We follow for the street San Francisco speaking about the babies, the school, the duties, the schedules, the competitions… Of step, we remember something of when it was swimming, or to someone, or you tell me if so-and-so lives out or if that one continues in the world of the sport.

Sigh, dad, since I you miss. That difficult to come again to Talavera on November 9, re-living since it was weeping for the sky three years ago. I do not want to forget, cannot, do not want to remember, cannot.

We it will spend the 8 with you and without you, throwing flowers to your recollection and praying for one more year being united, though we are angry with your Virgin for stealing yourself.

It takes care of all, especially of the small ones that they manage to make ourselves laugh, to become mad and to lose the patience. I am sincere, a hatred this day, though like to return to be all together, assembled to remember something that we did not want to forget.

I love you, and I will loving you as to nobody. I continue giving walks, wrangle of the arm of your wife, nurse chief in I activate again, sticking shouts to the teenagers who do not find out not about the NODE, conversing with your morenita, which already has great that to count, and of the hand of the small blonde, the gift.

You did it very well, eight women stuck to your recollection walking along the Trinidad.


  1. Cuantas cosas tenemos en común, hace una semana pasé 4 días en Talavera por un asunto familiar. Recordé, igual que tu, aquellos sitios donde iba con mis padres, a bañarnos al rio, el puesto de melones de mi tía y otras muchas cosas.
    Estos días estoy cerrando etapas de mi vida, la venta de la casa de mis padres y me vienen muchos recuerdos.
    Yo también he tenido cáncer de mama, hace 30 meses, he cambiado mucho y ante las dificultades soy capaz de afrontarlas con serenidad. Parece como si después de la enfermedad puedo con todo lo que me caiga.
    besos M Angeles

    • Por supuesto, MAngeles. La enfermedad nos hace mejores, más fuertes .
      Y aunque ya no tengas casa, sigue visitando Talavera. Necesitamos volver al origen para seguir con los pies en el suelo.
      Un abrazo enorme

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